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Steve Thompson - South Dakota


Steve began honing his ice fishing skills 25 years ago on the big waters of Lake Thompson, learning to chase walleyes & perch under the glass.  As a multi-species angler, you will find Steve chasing everything from walleyes and perch in the prairie potholes, to large & smallmouth bass, crappie and bluegill, as well as lakers and rainbows in the Black Hills.

During the winter months, if you don’t find him chasing the next bite, you’ll find him fishing local ice tournaments.  Now that Steve’s family is nearly grown, he become involved with area youth events and activities that revolve around ice fishing.  He takes part in “Hooked on Hardwater” as a Pro Ice Angler.  The event brings in 60 Pro Ice Anglers from across the ice belt and Canada who are partnered up with 60 underprivileged boys to spend a day on the ice in the Black Hills. 

“While I love to hunt, for me ice fishing has become a never ending quest, learning how to coax the next fish to strike.  I don’t like to fish in crowds and love heading off by myself to find the next honey hole.  I love to share what I’ve learn with anyone who is willing to pull up a chair.  Never stop learning.”

Mike Howe -       Howe’s Fishing/A Able Charters- Montana

Mike Howe is a fishing outfitter and tournament angler/promotor from the Glacier Park area of Northwest Montana.  When not guiding Lake Trout anglers on Flathead Lake, or ice anglers on the areas other 400 lakes, he can be found conducting Perch Assault and Ice Duels tournaments or fishing NAIFC events across the western Ice Belt.

Mike has been promoting the modern day style of ice fishing in Montana for the last fifteen years, beginning with promotion of Perch Assault events that rewarded mobile anglers that utilized electronics, portable shacks and a run and gun approach. 

Over the last ten years Mike has conducted dozens of fishing seminars, promoted over thirty ice fishing tournaments, hosted a weekly outdoor radio show for two years and has outfitted over 2500 satisfied clients through his Howe’s Fishing/A Able Charters service.

“I’m on the water well over 200 days a year; guiding, promoting and fishing for fun. If a product works in my world, you can be sure it will work for you.  Rose Creek Polar Boxes are my choice for the jigs and spoons that are critical to my success on the water”.

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