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‘Outside the box’ fly casting tips

from Fishing Hall of Fame member Bob Nasby

If you know fly casting instructor Bob Nasby as I do, you will know his approach to casting instruction is unique and often unconventional.  He encourages his students to keep an open mind and try to think beyond what others have taught you.

Years ago we posted a few fly casting tips on our website and Bob and I thought it would be fun to start posting a new tip each month during the fishing season.  Bob’s second tip is for the angler that wants to get into fly fishing for trout.  Here’s Bob with:

Tip #2.

I would like to continue with some recommendations for pursuing a popular quarry.  A 5 weight rod with a 5 weight line is a good weight for trout.  It is on the light end, but will cast the smallest flies and will cast a relatively large fly, roughly a # 8 hook size.  The rod does not need to be an expensive rod.  It is not the steering wheel that controls a race car – it is the driver.  Typical leader lengths will 7 ½ to 9 feet in length and in extreme cases such as in calm, clear water a 12 foot leader is required.

My experience has shown me to use ‘Maxima’ Ultragreen  tippet material as opposed to a clear tippet.  It is less reflective of light.  Cut approximately 20” off the end of your leader and replace it with an Ultragreen tippet.

Cleaning your fly line after fishing is important.  A clean line will cast farther, last longer and float better.  I clean my lines by running it through paper towel.  The paper towel provides the right amount of abrasion to clean the line without damaging the surface of the line.  You want your line to feel like that of a waxed car wiped with a terry cloth.



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