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Custom Tackle Boxes

Classic Net Release

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Keep your spoons and spinners organized with our P5 Spoon Box

Secures your lures to keep them looking like new and keeps the hooks sharp.

  • Waterproof enclosure - Keeps water out and provides buoyancy.

  • Clear Lids on both sides - No need to open the box to identify the contents.

  • Durable Hook Clips - Our exclusive Piranha 'Micro Clips' holds jigs firmly and will last decades.

Jig Boxes

Secure your  jigs and jigging spoons to keep them in top condition.

Any angler will tell you how important a sharp hook is when the bite is soft.


Ice Fishing Kits

Enjoy great savings by bundling high quality jigs and the best storage box available

Net Release.JPG

Net Release

Secure your landing net with our high restraint net release.