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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose the Rose Creek Net Release over a magnetic net release? 

The Rose Creek Net Release was designed for anglers that go off the beaten path or carry a large net. The heavy action of our release snap secures large steelhead nets and will hang onto your landing net instead of going back to pick it out of a tree branch. 

Can I custom order a product, such as ordering a red fly box with a clear top or a tackle box without a logo? 

We accommodate many custom orders.  Please contact us with your request.  

What Piranha Clip style would you recommend for panfish jigs?

We like the Piranha Micro Clip for flies and jigs size #8 - #18 as well as fine wire tungsten flies and jigs.  For larger flies and jigs size #2- #14 we recommend the Piranha Clip.

If my jig seems loose in the clip, is there a hook position that locks the hook better?

The Piranha Clip is unidirectional, meaning the hook holds best when placed in the clip as shown on the insignia.  The slot is tapered to match the taper on the hook point.  The hook tightens as the hook is pulled forward.  The Piranha Micro Clip is bidirectional, meaning the hook can be place either direction.  The hook holds best if the bend of the hook engages with the bumps in the slot.

If there is a product upgrade, can I receive the upgrade?

Yes, contact us and we will make arrangements.