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Charlie Hinck - Charlie Hinck's Guide Service - Wisconsin

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Charlie started fishing when he was around 2 or 3 and fished full days with his dad by the time he was 8 or 9.  Growing up in Hager City, Wisconsin gave him the opportunity to fish the skinny waters as well as the big water of the Mississippi River.  Charlie considers himself a ‘Multi-species’ angler and changes his quarry as seasons and conditions changes. 

Charlie’s guide service offers ice fishing for panfish and walleye in the West Central portion of Wisconsin and ice fishing for walleye on the Mississippi River and its tributaries in the Hager City area.  Other anglers keep an eye on Charlie to find out his secrets to success.  He uses different techniques than what others use and will make small changes as needed to entice a bite.  The best way to learn his secrets is to book a trip with him. 

Charlie logs in a great deal of reconnaissance prior to taking a client out. This, and his patience to make his clients comfortable, gives them the best fishing opportunity.  Charlie is passionate about fishing and like us, he is eager to learn and experiment with new techniques to improve his success.

Garett Svir - Minnesota


Garett Svir is the owner of Slab Seeker Fishing Guide Service where he focuses on guiding for river steelhead and trophy caliber bluegills. He has been a passionate angler since the age of five. Growing up less than a mile from one of the most prolific steelhead runs on Lake Superior had it's benefits and allowed him to perfect his craft from an early age. According to Garett he is still perfecting his craft as fishing is a lifetime sport, with the best part being, that you never stop learning. He is largely responsible for bringing centerpinning to the Lake Superior tributaries after learning about it in Alaska. Being an aging but still moderately extreme net man for his clients he has really put his Rose Creek Net Releases through the paces over the years and credits it as the best net release available on the market. A regular contributor to In-Fisherman Magazine, Garett has a passion for sharing his daily experiences on the water and helping anglers become more efficient and effective at catching more and bigger panfish and steelhead. Check out his Facebook page at As a prostaff member Garett represents the Ice Team, Crestliner Boats, Mercury Marine, Northland Fishing Tackle, JT Outdoor Products and now Rose Creek. Garett has a passion for fishing that we find contagious and think you’ll agree.

Mike Howe -       Howe’s Fishing/A Able Charters- Montana

Mike Howe is a fishing outfitter and tournament angler/promotor from the Glacier Park area of Northwest Montana.  When not guiding Lake Trout anglers on Flathead Lake, or ice anglers on the areas other 400 lakes, he can be found conducting Perch Assault and Ice Duels tournaments or fishing NAIFC events across the western Ice Belt.

Mike has been promoting the modern day style of ice fishing in Montana for the last fifteen years, beginning with promotion of Perch Assault events that rewarded mobile anglers that utilized electronics, portable shacks and a run and gun approach. 

Over the last ten years Mike has conducted dozens of fishing seminars, promoted over thirty ice fishing tournaments, hosted a weekly outdoor radio show for two years and has outfitted over 2500 satisfied clients through his Howe’s Fishing/A Able Charters service.

“I’m on the water well over 200 days a year; guiding, promoting and fishing for fun. If a product works in my world, you can be sure it will work for you.  Rose Creek Polar Boxes are my choice for the jigs and spoons that are critical to my success on the water”.

You can visit Howe's Fishing at

Nate Winters - USA Ice Team member - Wisconsin


Nate, a home-grown country boy from America's Dairy Land, Ogdensburg Wisconsin. His addiction to the outdoors started early in life. Nate would ride his bike, fishing poles tied on with baler twine, to many of the local ponds and lakes throughout the summer, some as far as 6 miles from home. Nate was hooked on the outdoors and soon became an avid fisherman as well as hunter. His passion for the outdoors led him to career as an outdoor photographer and videographer working for several TV shows on the Outdoor and Sportsman channels.  Over the past 4 years Nate has become a Professional Ice Fisherman, and member of Fin Addicts Fishing Team. Competing in the Team Extreme Ice Fishing Tournament Circuit in Wisconsin in 2015 for 2 seasons (15 and 16). And in 2017 Nate expanded to the North American Ice Fishing Circuit as well as qualifying as a spotter for the 2018 USA Ice Fishing Team. Currently competing seasonally in the NAIFC and a member of the USA Ice Team for the 2019 World Championship in Bulgaria as an angler.  Nate is a young and energetic angler focused on advancing fishing as a culture and a sport throughout the world.